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Dr Dean is one of the foremost authourities in the UK and Europe in the field of Botox and Dermal fillers. He has trained over 600 Doctors, Dentists and Plastic Surgeons in the use of Botox for facial aesthetics. Dr Dean runs hands–on training courses for Clinicians to learn how to use Botox and Dermal fillers for aesthetic excellence both here in Berkshire, and in Harley Street. Internationally doctors from the US, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Bahrain, Spain, Germany, France, Ireland, and all over the UK have come to Dr Dean for training in these techniques.

Dr Dean does not appear on television, and chooses not to. Dr Dean has written numerous articles for the clinical press on Botox and Dermal fillers. Dr Dean has lectured at hospitals, lecture venues and universities all over the country.

"We have structured our course to provide extensive hands–on experience as many clinicians have complained that they have attended Botox courses previously, but still didn't feel confident to inject Botox as their courses provided only minimal practical experience". This is the only Botox course that you'll ever need to attend. There are no "advanced" or "part 2's" that you'll need to attend at a later date in order to complete your training. In fact following the course you will be able to start the full range of Botox treatments immediately. By the end of the day you will be completely competent and confident to be able to carry out all regular Botox procedures on your own patients, adding this extremely fashionable, complementary and fascinating procedure to your arsenal of in–surgery treatments.

Indeed, we are so confident of this promise that if you find yourself wanting to re–do the course you can do so free of charge. No one has ever had to accept this offer!

All attendees will be provided with all the information and backup they will ever need. The lecture is also provided on CD rom so no notes need to be taken. All official manuals are provided to all trainees. Manuals, Powerpoint lectures, Comprehensive books, studies, research documents and unprecedented back up, which are essential if you want to ensure a thorough and comprehensive Botox education.

Dr Dean has trained over 600 clinicians in the use of Botox in aesthetic

  1. Introduction
    • General introduction and coffee
    • Comprehensive slide show and lecture detailing:
    • Botox history, Mode of action
  2. Patient history
  3. Patient assessment
    • Medical considerations
    • Age
    • Unique anatomical differences
    • Sex
  4. Preparation and storage
  5. Techniques
    • Glabellar, forehead and crows feet wrinkle reductions.
  6. Complications
  7. Botox Demonstration
  8. Follow–ups
  9. Advanced uses of Botox
  10. Marketing
    • Learn from a how to simply incorporate Botox® and fillers into your normal day. We will discuss with you ways of building your Botox clients base., and incorporating Botox® into your Dental Practice, Surgery or Salon.
  11. Hands–on practice
    • You will all be provided with Botox, syringes, and saline. You will then be given the opportunity of carrying out the "full range" of Botox treatments for yourself, and observing many others, by the end of this practical session you will be completely comfortable with the technique.
  12. Discussion, certification
    • General question and answer opportunity. A certificate will be issued at the end of the day.
    • Information packs to take home.

Please phone the course organiser Paula on 01344 884468 or fill in the above form and we will send you an up–to–date information pack with details of dates, costs etc.

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