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Facial Rejuvenation Techniques

Ageing of the skin occurs in response to the repeated pull of the facial muscles and the gradual loss collagen and hylaronic acid from our skin tissues. Previous sun exposure, smoking and simple genetics worsen the loss of collagen and influence the ageing of the skin. Facial freezing injections can help prevent, or at least slow, the formation of these lines. However, for creases or wrinkles on the lower face and well-established lines on the upper face, filler injections usually give superior cosmetic results.

Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid

Both collagen and hyaluronic acid are natural proteins present within our body tissues. They contribute to the texture, volume and elasticity of our skin by attracting and retaining water. Replacement of these proteins under the surface of the skin can result in a healthy and vital skin appearance, smooth out wrinkles, old wounds and acne scars or even enhance the definition of the lip shape.

Hylaform and Collagens

Hylaform and Collagen injections are very compatible with our own body tissues. They remain safely within the skin before eventually being broken down by our bodies. Therefore, re–treatment is required after around 6 to 12 months to maintain a visibly younger appearance. A pre-treatment consultation is essential to determine your needs and to explain what we can do for you. If collagen is being planned then a patch test is done to determine your skin's response.

A local anaesthetic helps in sensitive areas around the mouth and then small amounts of filler are injected to produce the desired effect. The effect can be seen immediately.

Immediately after treatment, the area may be a little pink or puffy for a few hours but this is easily concealed with a light foundation.

Restylane and perlane

Restylane and perlane are hylaronic acids that we can use to treat all depressions, folds, wrinkles and fine lines. No patch test is required and the result will last upto a year.

Lip Enhancement Procedures

Lips can be made to look fuller, more voluptuous and better defined, giving the patient a more youthful appearance instantly.