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Wrinkle Removal Injections

Facial creases and wrinkles form in response to the repeated pull of facial muscles in a particular manner. Most people have a distinctive facial habit – grimacing, raising eyebrows, using one side of the face more than the other, etc – and so over time they will see a set of facial lines appear which reflect this individual habit.


Ageing of the skin occurs in response to the repeated pull of the facial muscles and the gradual loss collagen and hylaronic acid from our skin tissues. Previous sun exposure, smoking and simple genetics worsen the loss of collagen and influence the ageing of the skin. Facial freezing injections can help prevent, or at least slow, the formation of these lines. However, for creases or wrinkles on the lower face and well–established lines on the upper face, filler injections usually give superior cosmetic results.

Skin Peels

When we are younger, our skin cells replace themselves rapidly giving the appearance of fresh and youthful skin. As we age, this process slows down and we retain older cells for longer giving an uneven and 'dirty' appearance to the skin. Furthermore, ageing leads to wrinkles and the deposition of pigment giving an uneven appearance to the skin, the pores enlarge and the skin becomes looser.


Radiesse is one of the latest dermal fillers. The major advantage over many of the other dermal fillers is that it lasts a very long time, in fact 2 years is a standard longevity! It is extremely safe and actually stimulates the body to produce more of its own collagen.


skin peels