Courses for practioners

Botox Courses

Dr Dean is one of the foremost authourities in the UK and Europe in the field of Botox and Dermal fillers. He has trained over 2000 Doctors, Dentists and Plastic Surgeons in the use of Botox for facial aesthetics. Dr Dean runs hands-on training courses for Clinicians to learn how to use Botox and Dermal fillers for aesthetic excellence both here in Berkshire, and in Harley Street. Internationally doctors from the US, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Bahrain, Spain, Germany, France, Ireland, and all over the UK have come to Dr Dean for training in these techniques.


Dermal Filler Courses

Learn how to enhance lips, and erradicate depressions, wrinkles and fine lines using Collagen, Restylane and Hylaform.


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For further information on the Facial Aesthetic Training courses led by Dr Dean, please visit the website.